What is this I'm hearing about a volleyball academy in Vernon?

Vernon is a huge volleyball community and our club programs are amongst the most successful in the province. Our high schools regularly place in the top in the province. To support that enthusiasm, and to provide another opportunity for athletes and parents, we are launching the SD22 Volleyball Academy.

We're in the final stages of approval, leave your email below to be notified when applications are open.

Be sure to ALSO click on the link above to join the SD22 Academy information call on January 13 so the school district sees your interest.

"I want my players to become complete student-athletes.

To feel our experience together was beyond volleyball."

troy lorenson - head instructor

What are the benefits to students?

Elite instruction for advancement of your volleyball skills & tactics.

Two full School Course Credits.

Hit the training requirements of the LTAD model.

Beyond Sport's Complete Student-Athlete module.

Conditioning & Nutrition modules taught by certified professionals.

Ongoing Player Profile updates, including video analysis work.

Enhance your post-secondary opportunities.

Reach your full academic & athletic potential!

How do we sign up?

FAQ for Parents & Student Athletes

When is it being offered?

September 2021 through the January 2022

Students will attend for 2 Blocks:

Junior Academy Blocks A/B

Senior Academy Blocks C/D

What grades is it for?

The program is open to male & female volleyball players attending Grades 8-12.

How many athletes will you take?

The program will accept a maximum of 24 students per Academy stream.

Junior Academy Grades 8-10

Senior Academy Grades 11-12.

*Select grade 10 students may be eligible for Senior Academy depending on ability & numbers.

Do academy participants receive credit?

Students will receive both Physical Education (P.E.) credit & Sport Development credit via vLearn.

Credits for Volleyball Officiating & Volleyball Coaching may be offered (to be determined).

Who are the coaches/instructors?

Volleyball instructional staff are all active & trained NCCP & Volleyball Canada coaches. This includes Safe Sport training.

Online instruction (vLearn) will be monitored by a high school level SD22 teacher.

Where is it being held?

The Volleyball Academy will take place at the new SKY GATEWAY volleyball facility. This is a dedicated 2-court volleyball training centre completely equipped with the latest training tools.

All balls, carts, training equipment & video analysis tools provided by the Academy.

Unit 204 - 5000 Silver Star Road.

Silver Star Gateway Business Park

How does the application process work?

Once the Academy is officially approved, applications will be accepted through written form. We will send you all the details.

What does it cost?

Tuition will be in line with other SD22 Academies. We're still in discussion with the School District but expect to share this during the Academy zoom meeting on Jan 13 (6 pm).

Will this interfere with other sports athletes are interested in?

Not at all. We strongly support multisport athletes & because the academy is during school hours it allows athletes to develop their volleyball skills while freeing time to do other activities (jobs or other sports) after school hours.

How will athletes be selected?

A written application process will be available immediately after formal approval of the Academy from SD22.

Head Instructor
Troy Lorenson, BSc.PT.

Troy has been immersed in the world of volleyball for most of his life, as a player, business owner, & coach.

As starting setter over 5-seasons for the U of A Golden Bears, he was a 3X captain, 2X MVP, & recipient of the U of A President's Trophy for Sports Leadership. Troy received his degree in Physiotherapy (Valedictorian) in 1990. Today, he plays for the Canadian Masters volleyball team.

Troy is President of the Sky Volleyball Club & Beyond Sport Inc. which he founded in 1992. He is an Advanced Level Coach & has led teams aged 14 thru 18 over the past 10-years. Troy is currently head coach of senior girls volleyball at WL Seaton, & has coached at VSS & Aberdeen Hall.

Troy believes in the power of sport to transform lives & in inspiring young athletes to go beyond, on & off the court.

Steps to Join the Academy:



Select "Beyond Sport Volleyball Academy"



We are collecting a list of those students interested so please sign up on this page!

What people say about the need for a volleyball academy in Vernon

"I have coached at both the school & club level & believe a volleyball academy is long overdue. It would be a great asset to our students."

Maria Hansen,

Athletic Director, KAL

"Athletes in our region could gain further training & development, that will foster lifetime involvement in sport & in their community."

Chris Bannick,

Okanagan Volleyball Commissioner

"The structure of volleyball in the Vernon community will lend itself well to an academy program."

Dawna Sales,

Volleyball Canada

What people say about the instructor

"Troy, to say that you have been instrumental in modelling life skills would be an understatement. Not just to our daughter, but to hundreds of kids lucky enough to be on your teams."

- Barb & Al

"My family is only one of many that has been affected by Troy's generosity to share his talents. I truly thank Troy for what he has done to make Vernon a better place to raise my daughters."

- T. F

"I became so much more confident in myself - not only in my volleyball skill but as a person as well!

- M. F.

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